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“It's about sharing who you are and what you do, but most importantly WHY you do it."

-Skyler Irvine, CEO RenzlerMedia

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Simple 3-Step Process

  1. Complete our custom questionnaire to help us develop your script outline.
  2. Schedule 2-hours in our studio to come in and film.
  3. Receive 2 additional hours of filming b-roll (no audio) on location.

In 10-days or less you will have your finalized Brand Trailer ready to publish and share your story 24/7. 


This 3-step process was created and designed to get the most natural and authentic version of yourself captured on camera. 

  • We create a script outline for you, but not a ‘script’.
  • Nothing needs to be memorized and rehearsed. 
  • Furthermore, this product is designed to share your ‘why’. 
  • Most people might already know who you are, and some will know what you do, gut very few know why you do it.

We want to help you share your story because that is what customers remember about you. 

Project Examples

See examples below to notice the range of tone each story tells and take note of what you remember from each video a few days from now. Facts and figures, or emotions?

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