Video podcasts made simple.

Record in our studio, and we'll do the rest!

Every Podcast Includes:

Custom Social Media Graphic Per Episode (Guest Photo or Quote)

5 Behind the Scene Photos (Minimum)

Full Audio episode published to Libsyn and additional channels of Client’s choosing

Full Video episode published to YouTube with custom thumbnails and end screens

1 Audio Gram Per Episode

1 Highlight Video Clip (60-seconds)

Management of 1 Podcast Branded Social Channel (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) 



$ 2500 / Month
  • 2 Published Episodes
  • 20 Pieces of Customized and Branded Content Produced and Published


$ 4500 / Month
  • 4 Published Episodes
  • 40 Pieces of Customized and Branded Content Produced and Published

Every new podcast starts with a one-time charge of $500 and includes everything needed to build out your audio and video podcast channels, including commercially licensed music for intro/outro bumpers, custom graphics, and podcast thumbnail.

Initial Consultation:
Episode design and structure, including show length, will be determined in your initial podcast consultation.

Bring any questions you have, but also know that this is the fun part too!


How Long do I have in the Studio?

Each scheduled episode reserves you up to 1-hour in studio regardless of show length (25-45 minutes)

How do I schedule studio time?

You must reserve your studio time at least 7 days in advance to secure. Schedule directly with our team or use our Calendly Link to see availability.

Can I record more than one episode in a week?
Yes, of course!

Can I record more than one episode in the same day?

Absolutely. But we recommend no more than 2 in the same day as it can be more work on the host than you might think. 

Where will my episodes get published?

We will publish your episodes directly to Libsyn, and forward your RSS feeds to any additional platforms of your choice, including Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. We will also upload your video episodes to YouTube upon request. 

How much will hosting fees cost me?

$100/month includes hosting and forwarding your RSS feed, and storage of your audio, video, and project files. 

What Our Clients Say

"Working with Renzler has been super positive, everyone here is very professional. Doing this kind of stuff is really scary and the team here at Renzler has helped me feel really comfortable. It’s become the easiest way to generate fresh new content and they produce really professional work that I just couldn’t do on my own."
Danny Brown
Myriad Real Estate Group
"I’ve had such a great experience working with RenzlerMedia and they’ve really made this process easy, helping me grow my following and connect with the people I want to connect with."
Ashley Law
Speak Up Buttercup

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