NO SMALL PARTS #3: Ingrid Goes West, Shot Caller, and a killer pitch from Will Hirsch.

Jesse and Skyler go into what's new in film this week. Jesse gives his thoughts on Ingrid Goes West and Skyler goes into his thoughts on Shot Caller. Skip to 15:08, Will Hirsch is a Screenwriter and Director from Phoenix, AZ. Jesse and Will talk writing, their fears for the current movie industry, and how to pitch a movie script! Toy Story 4 to be specific. 

Will is a local writer and director here in Phoenix. He has always had a love for movies, and later discovered his passion for writing. He has had many short films produced from his screenplays, and has worked with independent producers in Arizona for feature films. He also released a web series, Desperado Noir, in 2016. Will is creative and charismatic. You will not be disappointed with his Toy Story 4 pitch! 

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