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We have produced over 350 podcasts episodes since 2017.

We understand that a winning podcast takes more than just recording an audio and hitting ‘upload’.

We want your podcast to win, so we put you in a position to win from the start.

Every new client begins with our Podcast Activation Kit, and includes everything you need to launch your channel on all your favorite podcast platforms. You also get:

  • One-hour strategy consultation with our Production and Creative Team

  • Graphic design for new logo, custom thumbnails, and lower-thirds.

  • Choose from multiple set designs and furniture options

  • Your Custom Logo on Set TV

  • Record custom intro/outro bumpers with commercially licensed music

Flexible Recording & Pricing

  • Record regularly on a weekly or monthly schedule

  • Purchase Packages of 4, 8, 12 episodes at a time

Scroll down to see visual examples of some of our features.

Intro/Outro Bumpers

  • Licensed Music Included

  • Match your current brand guidelines or have us design it from scratch

Video & Website Thumbnails

  • Horizontal Thumbnails

  • Custom Branding, Colors + Fonts

  • Use for Facebook, YouTube, Websites


Audio Thumbnails

  • Square (1x1) Podcast Thumbnails

  • Required for iTunes Activation (Apple Podcasts)

  • Use for Podcast Platforms


Custom TV Graphics

  • Horizontal Graphic Included in Podcast Activation Package

  • Customized to your brand guidelines and colors.


Choose Your Set

  • Multiple Furniture Options

  • Your Logo on TV

  • Your Colors for back lighting

  • Choose your own microphone and stand that fits your style


Premium Add-Ons (Optional)

60-Second Highlight Video (Transcribed)

(Click on Images to Play)

  • Logos, Fonts and Colors matched to your brand guidelines

  • Custom CTA’s (Call-To-Action)

  • Drive traffic and awareness to your podcast, upcoming event, or guest.

  • Designed for social media and audience sharing

  • Can be resized for multiple social media platform specs

  • Add Instagram Handles to improve your awareness and grow your audience


More Premium Add-Ons

  • Photo Packages: Behind the Scenes + Action Photos before, during and after your podcast with your guests and custom watermark. Great for social media sharing and brand awareness. Provide them to your guests for them to share and promote as well.

  • Facebook Live: Stream your show live on Facebook in addition to your audio/video uploads. Great for more awareness, reach and engagement. Take questions live from your audience or engage with them how you choose.

  • Scheduling Assistance and/or Management: Let us book your guests for you

  • Additional Editing in Post Production (Audio and Video): Remove ‘likes’ or ‘uhms” , trim down episode lengths, or add jingles and sound effects for various segments of your choice.

  • Flexible Scheduling: Opportunity to reschedule within 48 hours to any open slot available rather than 7 days.

  • More Episodes Weekly/Monthly: Want to record and/or post more than once per week?

  • On Location Filming: Recording in our studio offers a lot of advantages, but we understand sometimes its best to change up locations. Whether its your office or on location at a big event, we can make it happen.

  • Access to RenzlerTalent (Our exclusive database of potential podcast guests)

  • Join RenzlerTalent (Become a potential guest on other podcasts)

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