Video Production Packages

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Brand trailer Video

  • Turn your ‘About Me’ page into a video that works for your 24/7.

  • The perfect introductory product for any brand or business. Our custom 3-step process keeps production and costs down while also getting the most natural version of YOU on camera.


WATCH: Your Brand Trailer Turns your ‘About Me’ Page into a Video


Monthly Videos.png

Basic Monthly Video Package

  • Record in our studio every month and receive a 3-minute video optimized for sharing on social media.

  • Starting at $1,000/month for 6-month terms


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4-Episode Monthly Packages

  • Record in our studio every month and receive FOUR 60-second ‘episodes’ for your custom video series.

  • Receive 1 additional *Bonus video combining all episodes into 2 minute re-cut